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We make software for humans. With the right processes (UX strategies), systems (UX design), and experiments (prototyping) we develop products that work for you and your users. Our focus: technological expertise for complex software, e. g. in the fields of AI, sustainability & HMIs.

„At the heart of every project lies a user’s problem –
we build a modern & sustainable solution for it!“

founded interfacewerk in 2014

Our services to achieve products with an outstanding user experience

Interfacewerk, the UX design agency helps you to develop a UX strategy. A UX strategy can make an essential contribution to ensuring that UX designers and developers work together ideally.

UX Strategy

Use UX Design processes strategically for your company. Develop better products and at the same time anchor a user-centred mindset in your company. We will show you how to achieve that!

Understand UX Strategy

Use UX design and prototyping to develop products that truly add value and help users! A UX agency can help you!

UX Design & Prototyping

Learn UX design methods and apply them in a way that makes your products better. With the right UX methods, the result is a breathtaking user experience of your products, even in complex cases.

UX Design Methods

Our expertise as a software agency: Angular, Vue, React, Docker, Nodejs, Ionic, Expressjs, SQL, Rails, GraphQL, Kubernetes, Nestjs

Software Engineering

UX Design + Technology = Innovation. To develop good and sustainable products, agile software development, flexible technologies like Angular and solid software architecture are essential.

Software Engineering

You don't know yet if UX Design is something for you and your team? Would you like to know what benefits UX Design brings with it?

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Success Stories

  1. Artificial Intelligence

    UX Design for AI and Big Data

    A data set generated by AI has to be presented in a structured way. In the project with Deloitte we transformed the data flow into comprehensive and usable data to support strategic decision making.

  2. Tech-Startup

    HALerium – Using UX Design to develop AI Software

    Together with Erium we developed the user interface for their AI software HALerium. The AI software enables data scientists to work in a more structured and easier way.

  3. Media & Entertainment

    Media News Monitoring Plattform

    The 7scout platform for ProSiebenSat.1 TV is a tool to make media news quickly, easily and clearly accessible within the company.

  4. Machine Interface

    Industrial HMI Design and Angular Development

    The Next Level HMI captivates with user experience, intuitive operation and the latest technology and was developed in cooperation with interfacewerk.

  5. Machine Interface

    User Interface for Precision Scales

    Touch HMI development for the world market leader of precision scales Mettler Toledo. In our project we developed the next generation of the software with a clear focus on great UX.

More Success Stories

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Sebastian Ullherr

Managing Partner

Do you want to develop a digital product? Are you at the beginning and have a vague idea how your app/platform/tool/software should look like? Or do you want to give an existing software a better user experience? Share your challenge with us!

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