Five years of interfacewerk

In May 2019 interfacewerk turned 5. Happy Birthday … fabulous company and beloved working place!

The idea of two ambitious young men to create software with user-friendly interfaces was born in 2014 and grew steadily. We look back on an exciting start-up time… in three different offices, with a total employee number of 24 different and diverse talents from all over the world, of which 18 are currently in the interfacewerk team: Happy amazing people with magnificent ideas. We have worked and continue to work on a variety of projects and look forward to further challenges that the future will bring, especially in the field of HMI and industry 4.0.

Anniversaries are a wonderful opportunity to return something to all those who have contributed to the story of success. We invited collaborators and friends to party with us on the 29th of May 2019 in our beautiful new office.

The start was an interesting talk about ”Design & agile Development: Working hand in hand” by our UX-angel Elisabeth Engel. Followed by drinks and great food from our favorite Munich cook (the Popcorn-Falafel and porcini-mushroom O’Bazda with truffle were delicious!). We also created an entertaining networking game: every guest got an interesting public fact about another guest of the party and had to find him/her. The result was a photo wall with all of our guests and their interesting facts, which you can see above.

Now, this anniversary is also the time for words of gratitude: Thank you, dear guests, and also all those, who couldn’t make it to the party, thank you for accompanying us on our way from start-up to a young grown-up. And thank you for making the“five years of interfacewerk” an unforgettable event in the history of the company, on which we are very excited to follow and participate in the next upcoming five years… and hopefully many more!

Published by Katrin Bachmair on 2019-06-13

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