Interfacewerk Communication Workshop or What we Did for Christmas

Interfacewerk’s Internal Training Program: Our Communication Workshop

Our team spirit at interfacewerk is what determines our success to a large extent. And that’s why our daily communication within the team plays such an important role. Trying to be the best team we can, we believe that we can continuously improve our communication skills by identifying difficulties. We need to be aware of each other’s personalities and to care about each other’s needs within the communication process. We decided: let’s get deeper into this topic! So we initiated a communication workshop for the whole team. With our coach Kathleen we developed some ideas of how our communication can be optimized in the future. And there is yet a lot to learn! The location was a nice hotel at Starnberger See not far from Munich. The one and a half workshop days were intense and demanding, but at the same time extremely inspiring and productive!

But also the fun part should not be missing, right? Of course, there was enough time to enjoy a cozy dinner with mulled wine. And the big premiere: the whole team, i.e. 17 people from Munich, Berlin, Innsbruck, and Paris all together at one place (and fortunately soon to be repeated). The get-together was an ideal closing of this really cool year 2018. We welcomed so many new and different characters at interfacewerk and grew by over 100%!

And because the workshop was so instructive and exciting, there will be a next round. We are looking forward to work on our team skills! I think that this time we will have an even clearer focus and we will go even deeper into the practical application.

Published by Lisa Gorelik on 2019-01-28

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