Overtime is Cheating

In our work contract, there’s one phrase that always strikes potential new team members as weird — at first glance. It basically says “if you work overtime, that’s covered by your normal salary, you don’t get anything extra”. You can interpret that, as people at first do, as interfacewerk being a very demanding company.

But think about what this statement means: no one in our team is incentivised to do overtime. We’re incentivised to work smartly, think ahead and get everything done without doing overtime.

Of course, the day before a product launch, you might stay a bit longer to make extra sure everything works as intended. But that’s covered by our normal flexible work hours, no need to bill that as overtime — you just leave earlier the next day, adding no additional hours to the work week as a whole.

In my opinion, overtime is a cop-out. It’s cheating. You couldn’t organize & plan well, so you’re just adding more hours to your work week instead of prioritizing better. Because that’s what you should do, instead of cheating.

Published by Sebastian Ullherr on 2018-10-12

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