Positive, placid and productive

Positive, placid and productive: I. Our office space principles

In 2018 interfacewerk grew really fast-paced. That resulted in a lack of space and the need for a new office. One that provides us the room we need and at the same time fits our team structure. When we found the right place we established the office environment principles that represent our mindset.

Take a look:

  1. Have a calm atmosphere.
  2. Ensure privacy and an own space for each team member
  3. At the same time encourage communication and synergies
  4. Create a collaborative atmosphere
  5. Have the best technical equipment
  6. Offer budget to customize the workplace
  7. Create a space that supports our workflows
  8. Encourage movement
  9. Create team space for common breaks
  10. Create place for fun, leisure, and resting opportunities
  11. Meet the latest safety standards
  12. Encourage creativity
  13. Enhance the productivity level
  14. Create space for efficient meetings
  15. Have good coffee and tea
  16. Have fruits and sweets to keep the sugar level on point
  17. Make it cozy
  18. Have great light and high ceilings

We steadily work on improving the space we work in. Everyone should have the opportunity to create an atmosphere that enables him to work in the best possible way. Individual preferences may differ so we try to offer distinct options. In the next article, we will show some examples of how we implemented these principles to create the space we want to work at and we believe fits us best.

Published by Lisa Gorelik on 2019-03-12

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