The Places I Work From

As a team, we’re trying to be remote by default. That means our communication is usually asynchronous and decentralized. That frees us up to work from anywhere. People believe me that I can work from anywhere, because I’m one of the owners of the company. But people have a hard time believing that anyone in the company can do the same. They’ll write their posts in the future. This is mine.

For me, this remote culture became especially important four weeks ago, when my son was born. It meant I could be at home caring for the little one while at the same time not losing touch with the company. Or be in the hospital, glad for a little distraction, and still give valuable design feedback. You might say that I should have taken the time off completely, but that’s much more easily said than done. And it would have meant that I’d have needed to catch up after coming back. Our company culture based on flexible working times combined with being remote at heart is ideal for these occasions, I think. Let me just tell you about a few other places I’ve worked from successfully.

In the Alps. The picture above is two weeks old now, where I spent half a day in the Alps, working from my hammock. For tasks like writing or developing ideas, this is perfect. For coding, the internet would have been too slow.

At my parent’s place. A lovely house above a small lake, the perfect place to be close to nature but also close enough to civilisation (including fast internet) to work effectively.

On a boat in Italy. To develop the company further and make some decisions about our future, I spent a week with Moritz on a boat in Italy last year. The change of scenery helped us find a new perspective.

Those are the benefits of a remote culture. We often need to find our way back to the office of course. Some tasks are best discussed, planned or developed in person. But changing our surroundings completely once in a while brings the benefit of also changing the way I think. It gives me new perspectives on challenges I’m working on, or on problems I’m thinking about.

Published by Sebastian Ullherr on 2018-06-13

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