Web Tech News Digest #1


Dependency Injection

Interesting opinion about the Dependency Injection mechanism in Angular. A few recommandations about the use of providedIn. Here it is.

Creating a custom Angular form control

Some effort was deployed to pull this blog post out, et voilà. There you will learn to create a custom form control in Angular.

Debug your Angular Application: Augury

If you aren’t alreay using it, I strongly recommend you to check out Augury. It’s a tool that can help you debug Angular applications.

Angular Ivy explained

It’s not in Angular 7 but it will probably be out very soon: Angular Ivy. Wondering what this is? Check this video.

Web Tech

Machine learning with TensorFlow.js

An introduction on how to run a pre-existing tensor flow model on a picture from your browser. Very short!

Web pages performance checklist

A good old checklist for your web pages. Valid for web sites and web applications. That’s great!

What we did

Interfacewerk Angular UI library

Yes, we have such a library. Let’s say it’s the first sponsored announcement in this newsletter. It’s out there, open-source and production ready. A few new things:

Published by Kevin Merckx on 2019-01-14

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