Web Tech News Digest #2


About unsubscribing from observables

In this post, the author explains the importance of managing the subscriptions to observables. Then, he explains a few techniques to nicely do that.

🔗 nice hints! [~15min]

Internationalization with i18n

As Angular developers, we must be able to internationalize applications. Angular comes with an integrated tool: i18n. This post is a good summary to implement internationalization into your Angular application. A shorter alternative to the official documentation.

🔗 Amusez-vous bien! [~5min]

Web Tech

Welcome Ionic 4

Ionic is a framework to build applications (web, mobile, desktop) with web technologies. They started in 2013, building on top of Angularjs and now released the V4, which offers much more flexibility and performance.

🔗 ionic start [quite long read 😃]

Stimulus: a framework to power-up static pages

In this post, the author explains the technical reasons of building the Basecamp interfaces with Ruby on Rails along with Stimulus.

🔗 I want to know more! [~20min]

Web components is the future of Design Systems

We want to provide great quality at reasonable costs in our projects. Web components are the present and the future of web standard technologies.
Modern browsers support them natively and major frameworks are able to use them. They are a great way to create high quality UI components. Therefore, they should be the core part of design systems.

🔗 A post by Ionic. [~20min]

Async/Await cheatsheet

A useful and clear cheatsheet about async/await.

🔗 But, please, don’t cheat. [it’s a cheatsheet, not a book]


Debugging with VSCode

Debugging from your editor might save some time.

🔗 Debug it like it’s hot. [~5min]

Github Pull Requests on VSCode

At last, a better code review user interface. Please share your feedback if you use this VSCode extension.

🔗 augment your time spent on VSCode.

Published by Kevin Merckx on 2019-02-23

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