We’re Not Human Resources

I’ve got a few pet peeves. One of them is that I care about the words we use. Let me share the two worst phrases that I battle against quite often:

Human Resources

I’m not a resource. I’m a person. All people are. HR is not an appropriate description for humans. When thinking about resources, we dehumanize the actual people working on a project. Mind you, the people on that project are making or breaking it. They’re more important than any resource. So instead of HR, let’s talk about people, please. And if we need to talk about our people’s capacities, that’s fine, too.


If we’re honest, nobody is going to die if we cross this line. Not even the project. Using the word deadline means focusing on what bad things will happen once we don’t make it. I much prefer calling the important project dates milestones, since that implies we have a positively defined goal that we want to reach.

Published by Sebastian Ullherr on 2018-06-04

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