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Possibility to Learn & GrowYou get thrown in cold water and a lot of responsibility. If you cope with that stress, you will learn a lot.Usually there’s a corporate program for that, which will work, but you might miss the latest and greatest technologies.If you can cope with the stress, you can learn and grow quickly.Depends, but you just might be on your own regarding that.Aiming to learn and grow every day with coaching opportunities, workshops and a feedback culture.
Product Development SkillsYou rarely get to build a full product, mostly you work on small, complex details.Learn about one thing a lot but with a sturdy, rusty and slow process.Figure it out yourself, learn by failing quickly.Not many startup related projects.Learn and sharpen your product development skills and learn to use very efficient processes.
Startup & Business SkillsGet to know corporate partners, grow your network.Next to nothing.A lot.Maybe, maybe not.Learn and grow with our entrepreneurial approach, talk business and product ideas with our founders, get to know our amazing startup clients and partners.
Freedom & AutonomyYou’re on your own in a project, with lots of responsibility.Usually, you’re a small cog in a big machine.Do as the founder says, and do so quickly!You do wherever you’re needed most.You have a say what client you’re working for and can structure your own week as you wish.
Purpose & ImpactIt feels like a big impact, but often hard to track what you actually changed.Hard to measure what impact you’re making.You’re saving the world, of course!Hard to measure what impact you’re making.You get to drive digitalisation forward!
Stress LevelVery high.Low to moderate.Inconceivable!Moderate to high.Stress is our enemy number one!
Expected OvertimeHeaps.Small amounts.Plenty.Rather a lot.None.
DiversityStatistically not good.Statistically not good.Depends, might be fine.Might be alright, but statistically not so good.Diversity is a priority, 42% women in the company, aiming for 50% of course, many different cultures present.
Meeting CultureUsually long meetings with unprepared participants.Usually long meetings with unprepared participants.Depends, might use design thinking a lot.Depends on the clients, which usually don’t have a good meeting culture.Striving for short, well-prepared, efficient meetings, also helping clients to get there.
Workplace AtmosphereWork on-the-go or wherever you get a place.Typically a standard desk with decent quietness around you.Loud, open-space office with frequent interruptions.Depends, but usually not a priority for the managers.Focused, with few interruptions.

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