About Asset!

About Asset!


Asset Ismagambetov


Software Engineer @Interfacewerk since July 2018. Bringing to live awesome designs. 

#WHAT is important for you as a developer when it comes to communicating with UX designers?

Being on the same page, have a good understanding of the user problems we are trying to solve. To come up with a good and feasible solution, discussing small, but rather important details, that may not be always clear from the designs. 

#WHAT do you do to get “unstuck” on a really difficult problem/bug?

Switch context (have a cup of coffee, get a little bit of fresh air) and discuss it with one of our great devs. Getting a new perspective may help to notice the answer that was always there. 


Staying calm regardless of what is going on.


A day starts with a good cup of coffee, then a short #stateoftheunion call. Focus time working on a new feature. Team lunch and some fun time playing kicker. Discussion with colleagues on the most efficient ways of solving the current problem and code review. All pipelines green, tests passed, merge to develop. End of the day bike ride on picturesque roads of Munich. 

my personal # for interfacewerk:

#remotefirst #developerexperience #flathierarchy #mariokart 

Published by Lisa on 2021-03-18

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