How much UX do I need in my team? Guerilla UX Tipps!

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How much UX does my project need? How many UX designers should I hire? What is the budget I should expect for UX? How do I manage to complete a project on time and meet all user requirements? 

And above all: how do you manage to make clear the value of UX in your company "undercover", before there is an official budget for it? With Guerilla UX!

Hardware becomes software

Of course, industrial machines contain a very high complexity due to their hardware. But! today every hardware product is also a software product. Three guesses. Exactly, engine technology is not the future. The future is software. Software for the drivers. And for that you need UX design. And today the trend is very clear: traditional hardware companies are becoming more and more software companies! In the automotive industry we are now slowly seeing this realization. But also OEMs, like machine tool manufacturers realize: our machine, which might be in use for several decades, has to be updateable. The user experience has to adapt to the changing world!

How much UX does my project need? What is the budget I should expect for UX?

And now a fallacy: if I change my company to software, I need a lot of software developers. It's true: you need developers, but you need UX designers to tell the developers what kind of software they should develop and how. If you don't hire the UX designers in addition, the following happens: you may have the technical ability to make updates, but the software will not improve in its user experience. We recommend planning for 20-30% UX capacity in a larger project with a hardware component. 50% is common in SaaS projects with a software-only component. But: It is even more important to create the awareness for UX in the first place and to plan the appropriate time and budget for it. Right from the start.

Management Buy-In through Guerilla UX

Through our UX Management Roundtable sessions and our own experience, we have derived three strategies. One of them is Guerilla UX! If you want to know what it's all about: listen to our new podcast episode or check out our Youtube channel! If you're already a bit into the topic and want to learn more: our UX Round Table for managers and project leaders will take place again soon. Sign up for the next round and write a short intro about yourself to

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Published by Lisa on 2021-01-11

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