Meet Sebastian!

Meet Sebastian


Sebastian Ullherr


Common sense is not so common.


Trying to facilitate the best decisions for the company as the managing partner.


Finding inspiring & talented people and creating a working environment where they can flourish.


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Starting with the most important task for the day, focusing on that for the first two hours, then supporting project leads or designers with their most important tasks & giving feedback & being the catalyst to create a nicer working environment through that. Those are the important components to my perfect day, as is lunch with my family 😉

my personal # for interfacewerk:

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If you could change one thing in today's companies and generally ban it from everyday use, what would it be?

The obvious answer would be “meetings without moderator & agenda", which are way to prevalent and eat up time and energy without providing any results. As bad as these meetings are, my one change would actually be regarding micromanagement. Nobody likes to be micromanaged. It crushes the intrinsic motivation of our team members and insults their intelligence & will to contribute. Instead, companies should trust their team members more & create space for them to do great work.

Published by Lisa on 2021-10-08

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