Rails Girls goes Munich

Rails Girls goes Munich

And again, it was that time of the year: Rails Girls Munich. We had the pleasure to meet many programming enthusiasts or those who are going to become ones. Rails Girls shows us time and again how important and exciting it is to give women an environment to learn to program. The enthusiasm and creativity triggered by an only two-day workshop: that is amazing!

Ruby on Rails is an excellent introduction to the world of programming. Our installation party is on Friday followed by a movie night with snacks and drinks. So, the next day, on Saturday, we can just get started. The goal is challenging. Programming a web application in only one day. But, yes, that is possible with Ruby on Rails! Our coaches are well trained and usually have several years of Ruby experience to guide the participants to create an application according to their own ideas and visions. In the end, the coaching groups come together and present their web application. Workout tracking, to-do-lists, wishlist apps, traveling blogs … our participants had totally different and super interesting ideas. But in the end, the participants had a thing in common (well, that was the feedback we got). The success of having created something of their own while developing personal skills.

We are very proud that after a three-year streak, Rails Girls has established itself in the workshop landscape of Munich. And we will also be there as sponsors the next years represented by numerous coaches within our own interfacewerk ranks. This year, six of our team contributed. Four as coaches and two as part of the organizer team. But of course, we express our special thanks to all the amazing skilled coaches who took the challenge of teaching. We are sure that with their abilities they managed to inspire more women to get involved in tech and this is what Rails Girls is all about.

At Rails Girls we met so many creative minds. But still, too few women have a reference to programming. There is a huge potential for women in tech as well as support and funding opportunities for companies. With this in mind, let’s work together to exploit the potential that women in tech can achieve. Let’s take Rails Girls as a model for more fantastic programming events. We are definitely looking forward to next year and we are curious about what is yet to come. But for now: good work!

Published by Lisa Gorelik on 2018-12-11

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