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The current episode of our podcast "Software for People" is about the product development process in the software project.

In the day-to-day doing, it's easy to lose sight of important aspects of a healthy software project. We've built a UX checklist with the most important points for your project. In this episode, we'll guide you step-by-step through the most important steps.  As often mentioned, user-centric processes are very important to develop good products. But what are user-centric processes actually and how can I check if my project is well-positioned in this respect?

Let's jump to the beginning of the project! How does a project start for you in the first place?

1. Concrete Problem Solving

Do I develop for users from the beginning and start from the problem or do I already start with a solution that I think is right despite the lack of validation?

If you have already tried a few things and maybe created wireframes or other designs...

2. Reality Checks

Do I check my results on the go with users on a regular basis? Is this regularity implemented and not overlooked? Or do you save the reality check?

So, your project is up and running, but what do the individual steps look like...?

3. Iterative Approach

Are there intermediate results, which stand for themselves and already fulfill functions? And: are they checked for common design and UX principles? Or do I only have the big end result in mind?

And now it gets tricky and a bit personal...

4. mindset & basis for design decisions

Are my decisions data driven and? Or do I decide by feel and gusto, and do I often use the argument "We've always done it this way."?

Now let's move up a level beyond the specific project...

5. anchor, share and increase knowledge

Is knowledge you generate in the UX design process discoverable by the whole company and do all team members have the freedom to prototype with the existing knowledge? Or is the knowledge in silos?

And one more pro in favour of our checklist: If you want to meet the requirement from ISO 9241:210 or SO 9241:110, this checklist is exactly what you need to do so. Have fun and success checking your project!

Download the UX Checklist

Published by Lisa on 2021-01-14

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