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Are you familiar with the New Work movement? Because of our focus on good UX, we have been intuitively working according to the New Work principles for years. But what else can New Work and UX learn from each other? Find out in this episode of Software for People!

What is New Work and how do we live it at interfacewerk?

Today we're talking about a topic that has been around for a few years now, namely New Work or Work 4.0. Traditional rigid work models are increasingly being replaced by more flexible work models. We at interfacewerk have been working intuitively according to New Work principles for years. This means that our company culture, our vision and our mission (good UX) have always made it easy for us to bring the UX idea into our daily work.

We think it's no longer about work-life balance, i.e. the balance between two opposing poles leisure vs. work. It's about work-life integration, i.e. the flexible integration of work into everyday life. It's about the freedom to organize your working day in the way that suits you best. This requires trust in the team and a change in thinking on the part of managers.

New work models

New Work is also about replacing traditional application-based work models. And that is with results and impact-based working models. Unfortunately, it's still really common in many companies that you have to spend a certain amount of time in the office. New Work is about the impact and the achieved goals. Even in our job interviews, we notice more and more: People are concerned about the visible impact they achieve with their work. Goals are shifting more and more toward doing something meaningful and valuable with their working time. That's what we try to give, of course: a meaningful and fulfilling workplace.

The fulfilment of one's own goals, growth, flexibility, further development plays an increasingly important role in the choice of a workplace today.

Covid and the associated increase in remote work are welcome, but what is really tragic is when superiors exploit this in the exact opposite direction (less instead of more freedom). Just because you no longer have a commute, for example, doesn't mean you're available 24/7. Remote work should help to establish a healthy work-life integration. This means that everyday private life and everyday professional life play more into each other's arms, making family life, for example, more flexible and less stressful.

How does New Work work and what does it have to do with UX?

Rethinking is sometimes difficult even for us. But since we deal with UX daily in projects, we find that UX can also help in the New Work movement and facilitate rethinking.  Especially when it comes to making decisions as a team. Traditionally, leaders make decisions based on their position and not necessarily on facts. In New Work, decision-making is democratized. That is, suddenly everyone in the team can have an opinion and incorporate it into the decision-making process. But is this really such a good thing and how can decision-making be optimized by combining New Work and UX? You'll find the answer in this episode!

Published by Lisa on 2021-02-19

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