How do I get full potential out of UX design?

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The current episode is about showing where UX design can help you the most in your project - and also where the limits are.

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Use UX Design not only for usability!

Important for you: UX is not only a method to improve the usability of your product. If you have a feature list that covers really good and useful features - fine, UX will help you to realize the features in a really user-centric, faster and cheaper way.

But we usually see the problem much earlier: and that's with the feature list itself. How did it come about? Who created it? And most importantly, how did he or she create it? Has anyone really checked whether these features are useful and solve the core problem? Often, in fact, the answer is "no." 

Involve UX Design early enough!

Product developers need to realize the potential of UX much earlier before it's about usability, but when it's about user experience. When it comes to making product decisions true. And we've certainly expressed this in all the podcast episodes: UX helps make the right decisions, based on a scientific foundation. And that happens before a feature set is defined.

So: don't make the mistake of building what users say they want, or what management thinks users want. Instead, use UX to find out what users really need.

Published by Lisa on 2021-02-26

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