Your budget is our responsibility

Smart budgets for powerful software

With our “Fixed Budget, Smartly Used” approach we make sure to get the best result for your budget. We keep project timeframe and budget fixed while reacting flexibly to changing requirements in the project by not having all functionalities fixed at the beginning.

We agree on a set of functionalities that will be the basis of the project. Then as the project moves on, you always have the choice to add new functionalities and remove less important ones in turn. Working this way, we keep budget and milestones under control.

Cost & Value

Investment made easy

The development of a customized software poses a great investment for companies. We know that and help you actively mitigate the risk and make the right decisions. Everything within a set budget.

Your budget in projects: See some ballpark figures

  1. 10k € Small Webapp or Mobile App with one core function

  2. 30k € Web-platform or desktop software, that does a few things well

  3. 60k € Web- or app platform with many users

  4. 120k € App-ecosystem for web, desktop & mobile with specific apps