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We introduce: The Plastic IQ Tool

Today a great idea and sophisticated research become a supremely useful digital tool. This will make the deep knowledge about our global plastic waste challenge actionable for companies across the US.

Meet the Plastic IQ tool!

Envisioned and co-developed by The Recycling Partnership and SYSTEMIQ, we had the honour to use our UX design and digital technology prowess to create this modern, digital tool. It will be used by companies to identify effective solutions and create a customized action plan to improve their plastic packaging strategy and reduce carbon impact.

Modern web technologies and our industry-leading UX Strategy approach delivered a market-ready product fast. In parallel, we reduce the technical complexity to enable broad use.

„Making complicated, analogue, paper-based knowledge useful for a broad audience via a digital tool is an extreme catalyst for change. Especially towards a more sustainable future. We are very proud to be able to use our technical skills and background in #GreenTech to multiply the knowledge and effect of our great clients SYSTEMIQ and The Recycling Partnership!“

Moritz C. Tuerck
Senior Partner & Co-founder

Thank you Yoni Shiran, Julia Koskella, Aaron Burman for taking us along on this amazing journey!

Learn more about Plastic IQ

Plastic IQ

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Xpreneurs Incubator & interfacewerk Workshop

Thanks to Behamics, Awake Mobility, Blinkin, Dash Factory, from Xpreneurs Incubator for sharing your challnges and product development process! We had lots of fun sharing our experience about UX Strategy and helping you developing your own!

We particularily enjoy working with early stage startups on user experience topics, MVP development, agile product development and user experience (UX) strategy. Thanks to our partnership with Xpreneurs, the incubator for high tech startups in Munich, we are able to get in contact with many great early stage startups and understand their challenges and share our experience from agile projects. Based on their feedback we develop new content for our workshops.

We are looking forward to the next workshop with Xpreneurs!

Xpreneurs and interfacewerk workshop

New interface for the Sanscreen Software of BEX Components AG

We are looking forward to the test phase of the new interface for the export software Sanscreen! With Sanscreen, exporters can check their business partners against anti-terrorism and sanctions lists, an extremely important issue when exporting goods! We are happy to support the project in the UX area and also in the Angular development. Now it is time to collect as much user data and user feedback as possible! The most important tool to evaluate user experience and software quality! Click here for the trial version of Sanscreen.

BEX Sanscreen Application

Online Workshop

29.07.2020 16:00-18:00 Free Tickets!

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Online Workshop

16.04.2020 17:00-19:00

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Covid19 Update


We are 100% there 

In the current exceptional situation by Covid-19 we want to assure you that we guarantee 100% project work as agreed. We have always worked according to the principle "Remote First" and have currently changed our working method to 100% remote work. All processes will therefore continue as usual.  We know that a simple and unproblematic change to remote work is not easy to manage for all companies, so we want to support our customers as good as possible in this respect. Therefore we offer a workshop on the topic "Transformation to remote business". Please let us know if you are interested in this workshop and would like to have a look at our current blog post Here we give you some tips on how to make the transition work best. Of course we can also make a short call to answer urgent questions.

We are open for new, exciting challenges

We have noticed that there is currently an increased demand for custom apps for new remote processes. We can develop a first MVP within one week. We will advise you and together we will define the first requirements. We also have capacities for innovative projects of all kinds and are looking forward to every productive conversation in which we can help you and advise you on UX or WebTech topics. 

Even if you know of unpaid, non-profit projects where you think that this might suit us, feel free to contact us.

Mutual Support

We believe in mastering the currently uncertain and challenging times together. But more than ever, cohesion, the development of great new ideas and the expansion of the entrepreneurial and personal network is needed. Therefore we would be very happy if you recommend interfacewerk in your network and think of us when experienced UX designers or our top web tech developers are in demand. A short intro would be more than enough support.  If we can start new and exciting projects through you, we will of course offer a bonus for your next project with us or a free workshop (e.g. on UX methods, prototyping, Git training etc.). 

The interfacewerk team wishes you to stay healthy!

Usability Testessen at interfacewerk


We love bringing together cool product developer and curious and brave testers. It is always a pleasure to host awesome events that enable good usability and put the user into the center of their product. Pizza and drinks are also a good reason for an event of course! Thanks for everyone that came to the Usability Testessen Munich.

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We’re now a CO2 neutral company


We are very pleased to be able to become a CO2 neutral company in 2019. With the participation in the CO2 compensation program of our partner Project Climate we now compensate our CO2 emissions with a donation. Project Climate calculated the actual amount of CO2 emitted in the company per year. The calculated quantity is then compensated with a donation, which flows into high-quality environmental projects.

With the donation, we support the financing of efficient wood gas stoves in India, which benefits the local population considerably.

Of course, it is not enough to just compensate our CO2 emissions. First and foremost, it is a matter of avoiding emissions from the outset. Thus, we focus on lasting hardware, few to no airplane journeys on business trips, plastic and packing garbage avoidance, as well as a job bike as an alternative to a car. For our daily supplies we purchase from regional and fair acting producers. E.g. when buying fruits, coffee or the after-work beer.

At the moment it is not possible for us as a company to completely avoid CO2 emissions, which is why we have decided for the additional CO2 compensation. We were surprised how easy it is to make interfacewerk even more sustainable and environmentally conscious. We are convinced that even small and medium-sized companies can make their contribution to environmental protection.

Go CO2 neutral today and explore other great projects:

interfacewerk is Co2 Neutral


interfacewerk goes Startup Safari


1st Session UX Review: What your customers never told you 14:00 -15:00

2nd Session: Prototyping Hands-On 15:30 - 16:30

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