App for sustainable mobility in corporates

Software for sustainable mobility in companies

Our customer PROJECT CLIMATE GmbH and the project

The consulting company PROJECT CLIMATE GmbH from Stuttgart has been supporting companies since the beginning of 2012 that want to make a credible contribution to climate protection and reduce their CO2 balance. Their range includes a CO2 compensation as well as mobility consulting for companies with regard to CO2 saving potentials.

Switching to e-mobility within a company is a challenge. The "Fleet Analyzer" is an application for the analysis of a company's fleet of vehicles in order to master this challenge. Interfacewerk is very happy to be part of the project. In cooperation with PROJECT CLIMATE GmbH we developed the desktop application Fleet Analyzer.

Functionality of the Fleet Analyzer

The application is based on Angular and Ruby on Rails. Typically our focus is on frontend design and development. The particular challenge in this project was that we did both backend and frontend development. No problem for our first class developers!

The application analyzes the company's fleet of vehicles taking various parameters into account. The trips recorded by the FleetGO platform are evaluated using GPS trackers. Based on the journeys, the Fleet Analyzer calculates the impact of a switch to electromobility in terms of costs, coverage of journeys by e-vehicles and, of course, the CO2 balance. The results are clearly visualized so that the user has clear decision guidance on how to design his fleet.

Fleet analysis and results

In addition to the trips analysed, the Fleet Analyzer also considers other parameters and cost components such as leasing costs, insurance premiums, CO2 emission rate and the possible vehicle models. These and other parameters can be changed by the customer in the application.

Parameter für die Analyse des Fuhrparks - Angular Software Entwicklung

Parameters to analyze the car park

From the raw data and the collected mobility information of the individual vehicles from the FleetGO platform, the Fleet Analyzer calculates the cost difference between the old and new fleet and the difference in CO2 emissions. The individual cost components for the comparison of the previous and future fleets are clearly visualized for the user. They provide a good overview of savings or additional costs. In addition, the coverage of the routes is calculated.

Angular Software Entwicklung Fuhrpark Analyse CO2 Berechnung Ersparnis

Comparison current and future car park

Angular Development Startup environment project

The analyzed journes

We enjoy innovative projects!

The software from PROJECT CLIMATE GmbH makes it easier for companies to switch to e-vehicles without giving up mobility and flexibility. With our many years of experience in frontend design and engineering, we support startups such as PROJECT CLIMATE GmbH in implementing innovative and sustainable ideas quickly and effectively. Environmental projects such as the Fleet Analyzer are important to us because they provide answers to current environmental questions and make an active contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. We are therefore pleased to be part of the project.

Our focus in the project

  • Backend and frontend development of the desktop application

  • Project management and consulting for implementation

  • Basic UX Concept

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