HALerium – Using UX Design to develop AI Software

Develop a user interface with UX Design

How to realize an AI application?

  • UX Research & UX Design 
  • Support with requirements engineering
  • agile process support
  • Frontend development of the web application
  • Usability testing & further development of the frontend

Our Client's Statement

„Cooperating with interfacewerk, we have developed a great user interface for HALerium. We learned a lot about users, sharpened and revised assumptions about the product. Today, thanks to the right UX processes, we are a whole lot further along the road to being truly agile.“

Maksim Greiner
Founder, CTO Erium GmbH

About our client Erium GmbH

The Erium GmbH increases the profitability of data scientists. The team develops the B2B software HALerium, which supports Data Scientists in transforming the knowledge of their company into machine learning models. In contrast to existing methods, HALerium adds a knowledge layer that supports data scientists similar to a mind map in preparing data, creating models and deriving visualizations directly from the interface. Through HALerium, companies enable their data scientists to execute projects more efficiently.

Why HALerium was an exciting UX design project for us? 

Because we make the most of our experience with artificial intelligence and industrial UX projects. Despite a limited budget, the software ensured success for investors and customers. 

UX Design and UX Research as the basis for agile product development

By coming on board early on, we were able to provide the Erium team with optimal support for agile product development. We achieved that both through short iterations in the design phase and through efficient implementation in the front-end. Our combined expertise in UX design and software engineering enabled us to set up the software architecture during the requirements definition phase. Thus, a functional and presentable product was created within a very short time and with a minimal budget. And one of the most important points: the needs of the users are at the center of attention! 

Agile and pragmatic prototyping creates benefits 

An agile approach is essential in order to iterate quickly and test the results immediately on the user. Thus, the fast iterations in the UX process resulted in changes in the initially defined requirements. Our UX research revealed a shift in the target users and thus in the goal of the application - such findings are part of agile working and show that even basic assumptions can be revised to build the best possible software. We were particularly impressed how efficiently the Erium team, together with our designers and developers, used the agile approach to get useful results as quickly as possible.

Joint retrospectives allowed the team to reflect on the current way of working and implement improvements directly. We were particularily happy that we even conducted a joint public workshop on our agile collaboration with the Erium team.

Prototyp Test Picture

UX Designer for technological challenges

Building up a deep technological understanding was essential for our designers. We took the necessary time for this, which paid off! The deep understanding of users, the context of the application and the associated requirements enabled us to make well-founded UX decisions and in the end even gave the basis for the restructuring of the backend.

The great result:

Short feedback loops, direct communication and room for new ideas and different perspectives: at the end of the first project phase we had a solid product that Erium was able to use successfully in the search for investors. We can honestly say that the Erium team has developed into an agile team and continues to expand and make the best use of the processes that were created together. So great!


Erium User Interface Screen

Do you also have a business idea for a digital product in its initial phase? Maybe you have a vague idea that agile product development can take you far even with a limited budget? Then your project is exactly the right challenge to tackle together with interfacewerk!

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