Mettler-Toledo - State-of-the-Art HMI for Precision Scales

A success story of the cooperation with interfacewerk.

Today, good software is a clear quality feature that is increasingly coming to the fore. The latest technology deserves a design that is not only nice to look at, but also convinces the user to work with the device.

Metter Toledo is the world market leader for precision scales. Its products offer extensive functions, as well as excellent software that is characterized by high usability. The interfacewerk team was supporting Mettler-Toledo with the HMI (Human-Machine-Interface) design and we brought in our many years of experience in UX design to master this project.


Requirements for Modern Touch-HMis

Touch HMIs are part of modern human-machine interfaces. Nowadays, the demands are rising: HMIs should offer the user the same flexibility, intuitive handling and fun to use as modern touch devices such as smartphones and tablets. Mettler Toledo is a pioneer in this field and has been offering modern touch HMIs with their scales since the 2010s. The scales are aimed at clear and easy-to-learn operation.

Every user, regardless of their level of knowledge, should be able to operate the devices without training, because the HMI visualizes intuitive principles that we find out in the UX Research process and implement into the software.

Make Complex Use Cases Easy


Close cooperation between our designers, the customer's developer side and product management formed the basis of the project.

For our HMI designers, the first step was to find out common use cases. The second step was to design the simplest and most intuitive workflows to map these use cases. Our designers defined personas to meet their software requirements. In an iterative process, with many feedback loops, the workflows were visualized. So, the design was not only appealing and attractive to look at, but highly UX-driven.

Design that is Made for People

The most important goals of our designers were:

A Good Look and Feel Supports the User Experience


Apart from an intuitive user interface, our designers gave the interface the right look and feel to match the CI and UI. Our HMI designers created a look that is striking, cool, authentic and supports the positive user experience. A positive and friendly first impression of the product is the basis for the trust that the user should develop in the product. The scales should not only enable users to do a job, but also offer a fun factor and encourage them.

Good Software is the Decisive Quality Feature

Often the fact is ignored that the interface is made for people who interact with the device on a daily basis. Making their work easier and enhancing the enjoyment for their work is a priority for us. Our designs offer the user added value: he or she can perform work steps faster and has confidence in the product because it supports him instead of blocking him. This is exactly the goal of our UX process.

By focusing on the user, Mettler Toledo creates a product that stands out from the competition and is characterized by high productivity. We also achieved a significant increase in product value by discovering time and cost saving aspects of operation.

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