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Make complex research accessible through UX design and software engineering for real impact 

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What is the purpose of Plastic IQ?

The Plastic IQ tool is made for corporates to make an actionable strategy to reduce their plastic consumption in packaging. The software is currently optimised for U.S. corporations and will make a significant contribution to plastic reduction!

How has Plastic IQ emerged?

The basic idea was to convert paper-based research on plastic reduction into a digital tool with real impact. An Advisory Council was involved in the development. The council consists of real users such as sustainability managers from companies like Walmart. This way, we always had an eye on user feedback and user needs!

„I learnt so much about the user experience by seeing these sessions, with lots of possible tweaks that can help users. But also I got the sense that people enjoyed the tool and understood it in general. Thank you so much for your expertise and hard work and team spirit!“

Yoni Shiran
Partner at SYSTEMIQ

  • Developed in cooperation with actual users
  • Complex Research in a simple tool
  • Corporate sustainability software
  • Strategic tool
  • Accessible for every corporate

How did we develop Plastic IQ?

  • UX design process with an advisory council of real users

  • 100% agile working and mindset

  • Reality checks and interviews with the user group

  • Prototyping 👉wireframes 👉click prototype 👉ready-to-implement designs

  • Angular & NodeJS application

Plastic IQ UX process

What did the project teach us?

  • Big corporates can and actually really want to make a difference towards a sustainable world

  • But they need guidance and tools

  • A tool makes the difference and has a real impact

  • When it comes to the design: we need to be brave and bold, question all not proven statements

  • How well users' needs are represented determines the impact of a sustainability tool

More Sustainability Projects

  • We are pursuing more sustainability projects with our partners SYSTEMIQ and The Recycling Partnership

  • Download Plastic IQ to get a look and feel for modern and impactful sustainability tools

  • If you have any sustainability software project: give us a quick call or email us if you have a sustainability tool you want to build but don't know how to start!

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