Environmental research and scientific results in one user-friendly tool

Research results have 10 times more long-term impact when they are available to policy-makers and industry in the form of easy-to-use B2B applications. And the Plastics Simulator is just such a tool.

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What is the Impact of Plastsimulator?

Plastsimulator was developed specifically for Norway. It is part of the Achieving Circularity project with the Norwegian Retailers' Environment Fund and SYSTEMIQ. The project aims to accelerate a circular economy for plastic in Norway, to achieve 50% recycling by 2025 and of course to strengthen the public discourse. The tool is specifically for if-then scenario analysis that is scientifically sound, practical and accessible.

Towards a zero-waste circular economy

It all started with the vision of a zero-waste circular economy for plastics in Norway. The vision is to prevent waste and pollution, eliminate unnecessary production and consumption of plastic, and a long-term strategy for preventing further plastic in Norway. For the fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). To this end, a scientific report was produced in cooperation with NGOs, consultancies and Norway's largest private environmental fund. The report is complemented by the plastic simulator developed by interfacewerk.

How did we develop the Plastsimulator?

  • UX design process

  • 100% agile working and mindset

  • Reality checks and interviews with the user group

  • Prototyping 👉Wireframes 👉 Click prototype 👉implementation-ready designs

  • Angular & NodeJS application

Plastic IQ UX process

We are proud to be shaping real impact!

It is incredible that we can really contribute to a plastic-free strategy for Norway. We are convinced that tools like the Plastics Simulator make valuable research and hard work even more visible, available and understandable.

The right software tools support and intensify the impact of studies. Decision-makers will use the Plastics Simulator to evaluate scenarios of the future and make decisions based on them.

The tool offers extra added value, intuitive operation and is freely accessible!

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