The 7scout Platform for Media News Monitoring

Media News Monitoring

Every day there are countless news pieces in the global media landscape. Different stakeholders within ProSiebenSat1 TV want to stay updated on latest media news. The 7scout platform bundles the news from many different sources in a central instance, making it easy for the user to get a quick overview. In addition to monitoring and overviewing the news in a web interface, users can subscribe to various newsletters to stay up-to-date. The 7scout platform is an essential tool for internal communication and the publication of important media news within the company.

How does the 7scout platform work? 

The format scouts insert the current news in their own articles into the content management system of the 7scout platform, assign the correct category labels and publish them. 

Content Management System for the 7Scout Plattform

The content management system

The published news are then visible to the users of the platform (various stakeholders within ProSiebenSat.1 TV) in the web interface, sorted by category. In addition, the user can filter the entire news according to keywords. For that, the sidebar on the right-hand side is available.

News overview of the 7scout platform

News for the platform users sorted by categories

In addition, selected news items can be selected for distribution in various newsletters, which are sent to subscribers at regular intervals depending on the target group. Everything can be managed by the Format Scouts conveniently from one tool. 

The Newsletter Connection of the 7scout Platform

The newsletter

The UX process

Interfacewerk took over both the design and implementation of the entire interface, which is divided into the news interface for consumers and the CMS interface for Format Scouts. In addition, we integrated a newsletter function. With our interfacewerk UX process, 3 meetings are sufficient to get from the initial idea to the prototype. Further productivity is obtained with an agile development process. Our process expertise is crucial, especially when developing new products, to work on time and on budget.

Our focus in the project 

Our focus was to establish a simple and intuitive workflow for the department and to provide the news consumers with quick and easy access to the information they need every day. In the course of the project, another technical challenge was to migrate the formerly Java-based backend to Node.js. This enables us to integrate features even faster in the future.  Last but not least, we now take care of the smooth operation of the entire platform on an on-premise Kubernetes cluster. 

Short facts 

  • Angular App Development

  • UX process for prototyping and beyond

  • The next project with Pro7Sat1 Media is already in the planning stage

„interfacewerk's well thought-out UX process and technical expertise helped us to develop an in-house platform that makes media news easily accessible and very clearly presented to users.“

Till Keyling
Senior Data Scientist, ProSiebenSat.1 TV

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