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In order to develop products in a user-centered and sustainable way, the right methods, processes, goals and KPIs in the product team are necessary. Together with cultural and structural changes these components form a customized UX strategy – that we plan and implement together with you.

Design with a system for the right UX Strategy

A design system is the central tool of a company-wide UX strategy. It bundles all UX processes and is the "single source of truth" that designers, developers and product owners use regularly, whether to start new projects or to optimize existing projects.

Design systems are currently in vogue, but one essential aspect is often overlooked: they must also organize the collaboration between design and development. We help you to develop a system of component libraries and collaboration processes that is suitable for your organization, which sustainably increases software quality and saves development costs. In an initial Workshop we start with an individual procedure for your organisation.

UX structures and a UX culture for a user-centered development

Depending on the team composition and UX maturity level of your organization, we work further to reach the next UX level. Together we bring the stakeholders to one table. With flagship projects, iterative and agile processes and a lot of project experience, we gradually approach the optimal balance between structured processes and cultural changes. In doing so, we try to systematically minimize unnecessary work by putting the users at the center of product development.

Hours of UX research can save weeks of coding

A UX strategy reduce risks and save development costs through regular reality checks

A design team - whether internal or external - makes an essential contribution to the product: it ensures that the product really works and is needed in the real world, at the real user. Also in terms of the new ISO 9241-210 standard. The design team minimizes the risk of developing products without product-market fit. What it also does: eliminate expensive readjustments to the software at the end.

A UX Strategy for ISO 9241 Conformity

A software standardised with the UX standard ISO 9241-210 or also ISO 9241-110 is becoming more and more important for B2B customers. In our opinion, compliance with the standard will be a basic requirement for B2B software in the future. Therefore, we advise our customers to be compliant with parts of the standard. We advise you which parts of the standard are relevant particularly in your case and how to design your UX processes to implement the guidelines of the standard. For this purpose, we have developed checklists and advise on the design of a UX strategy based on the principles of ISO 9241.

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