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We want to see less bad software out there! Each episode is packed with know-how that Sebastian and Moritz explain from their perspective as successful founders, UX enthusiasts, and long-term software developers & project managers.

Our podcast "Software for People" is made for product managers/ CEOs/ CTOs/ IT managers/ software directors/ innovators and founders. You will get practical UX tips for successful software projects!

Whether UX research methods to go or the sense of lean - here you can take away a lot about product development for you and your project!

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  • Less plastic through good software

    In this podcast episode, we tell you how good UX leads to less plastic and introduce you to a tool that promotes sustainable strategies!


  • UX terms and what is what

    In this podcast episode, we wanted to clarify the most important terms we use when talking about UX design and product development.


  • Performance is part of the user experience!

    Fast performance should also always be considered because it is part of a good user experience. We show you how to achieve this!


  • Critical thinking in UX design

    Critical thinking is a very important discipline for people like UX designers who develop products. We explain why and how to do that!


  • UX Patterns for UI Design

    What are the rules of thumb for buttons? How do I communicate a status directly in the user interface? We explain common UX patterns and answer these questions!


  • UX Recruiting

    Tips and tricks on how to attract great UX designers. What really matters and how we do it, you can read here!


  • No more 100-page PDFs! What your UX design process should create instead...

    Since we've had to rescue a few of these projects, in this episode you'll hear a true story about a failed UX design project.


  • Management Buy-In for UX Design: 3 Steps, Example & Tips

    How to really convince management to invest in UX design


  • How do I get full potential out of UX design?

    If you bring UX in early enough in the project, then UX can develop the highest potential. How do you do that? Answer in the current podcast episode!


  • UX & New Work

    Due to our focus on good UX, we have been intuitively working according to New Work principles for years. What else can New Work and UX learn from each other?


  • How good is my Product?

    The quality of digital products must be evaluated and measurable. We will show you the corresponding metrics and methods and how you can do this, even without a huge effort!


  • Make or Buy?

    Do it yourself or buy it instead? We answer what makes sense for your software project and talk about our own experience!


  • Be careful with Developer Nearshoring!

    With the current shortage of developers, looking to the surrounding countries is an obvious choice. Also the prices might be lower. But when is the investment worthwhile?


  • Softwarequalität ist alternativlos

    Ein Digitalprojekt lebt immer im Spannungsfeld Geld/Zeit—Anzahl der Features—Softwarequalität. Niemals darf man die Softwarequalität opfern.


  • Design Systems — and what Lego has to do with it

    A design system is extremely important for smooth and efficient development of digital products with a UI. It should be a fundamental part of your development process.


  • The UX Checklist

    Check now whether the project is well-positioned ✔User-centered ✔Reality checks ✔Mindset. Be on the safe side with our UX checklist and all-important UX rules at a glance!


  • How much UX do I need in my team? Guerilla UX Tipps!

    In the current podcast episode, we explain the right balance of UX in the project and what Guerilla UX is all about using the example of the future of the German automotive industry!


  • Software für Menschen: UX Design vs. Ästhetik. Oder brauche ich beides?

    Have a listen of another episode of our "Software for People" podcast. What is UX design? Why do I actually need strategic design and aesthetic design for my software project?


  • Das ist der Anfang einer neuen Podcast-Geschichte…

    Software for people – why we start a UX Podcast and what you can expect to come!


About the Software for People Podcast

What makes software that people love and enjoy using? How do you make software bring real benefits to people?

And: How do you build such software? How do you save money, time, and unnecessary frustration of the team in the design and development process?

We show you how you can breathe a better user experience into your products and use UX strategy for your success! And, we'll shed light on how to avoid the big mistakes in app & software development and get there without unnecessary detours! If you have specific questions about your project or want to know more, book a free slot at You will directly get concrete ideas for improving your software project and its UX strategy!

Feel free to send us your questions (also those we should discuss in the podcast) and feedback:

All our episodes are also available on video! Our channel is on Youtube! The following topics are waiting for you: UX Strategy, UX Design, UI Design, Lean, Project Management, Software Development, Software Development Processes.

Our Focus: UX & Technology for complex use cases

Interfacewerk, the UX design agency helps you to develop a UX strategy. A UX strategy can make an essential contribution to ensuring that UX designers and developers work together ideally.

UX Strategy

Use UX Design processes strategically for your company. Develop better products and at the same time anchor a user-centred mindset in your company. We will show you how to achieve that!

Understand UX Strategy

Use UX design and prototyping to develop products that truly add value and help users! A UX agency can help you!

UX Design & Prototyping

Learn UX design methods and apply them in a way that makes your products better. With the right UX methods, the result is a breathtaking user experience of your products, even in complex cases.

UX Design Methods

Our expertise as a software agency: Angular, Vue, React, Docker, Nodejs, Ionic, Expressjs, SQL, Rails, GraphQL, Kubernetes, Nestjs

Software Engineering

UX Design + Technology = Innovation. To develop good and sustainable products, agile software development, flexible technologies like Angular and solid software architecture are essential.

Software Engineering

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