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From start-ups to mechanical engineering companies — it's clear to everyone today: digitization is essential to be at the forefront. And for digitization, innovative solutions are needed. From the energy-saving app to the milling machine - everyone has to distinguish themselves by their technological, visual and user experience. A lack of know-how or time makes it difficult for many companies to be competitive and stay ahead. That's where interfacewerk comes in.

With a high level of technical understanding and good communication, we enable our clients to become or remain internationally leading in terms of both technology and user experience. Whenever it comes to UX design, software architecture or software development with web technologies, our unique engineering teams are on hand to help realize profitable and future-oriented products.

How does interfacewerk
stack up against other employers?

Big Engineering CompanyStartupinterfacewerk
Possibility to Learn & GrowUsually there’s a corporate program for that, which will work, but you might miss the latest and greatest technologies.If you can cope with the stress, you can learn and grow quickly.Aiming to learn and grow every day with coaching opportunities, workshops and a feedback culture.
Freedom & AutonomyUsually, you’re a small cog in a big machine.Do as the founder says, and do so quickly!You have a say what client you’re working for and can structure your own week as you wish.
Purpose & ImpactHard to measure what impact you’re making.You’re saving the world, of course!You get to drive digitalisation forward!
Stress LevelLow to moderate.Inconceivable!Stress is our enemy number one!
DiversityStatistically not good.Depends, might be fine.Diversity is a priority, 42% women in the company, aiming for 50% of course, many different cultures present.
Meeting CultureUsually long meetings with unprepared participants.Depends, might use design thinking a lot.Striving for short, well-prepared, efficient meetings, also helping clients to get there.

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Why apply at interfacewerk?

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How do we work?

We live a startup spirit – thinking and working is characterized by self-determination and entrepreneurial processes and is evaluated in this way. Everyone works continuously on at least two projects in order to maintain the growth and exchange of experience. We work as closely as possible with the client on each project, without being exclusively on site and only on the road - because most of the innovation takes place through exchange within our team.

Where do we want to go?

Our sales growth and the strong demand for our engineering teams confirm that we are occupying an important niche. Our goal is to become one of the three leading UX innovation service providers and to push the digitalization of the German economy. There is plenty of room for you to be involved!


We highly value diversity and therefore look forward to receiving application from people, regardless of gender, origin world view, …. So far, we had employees from 9 countries and from 3 continents.

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