Our principles at interfacewerk

Our vision

Together with our great clients, we shape a sustainable future where everyone benefits from the amazing power of technology by co-creating people-centred products & environments.

These are our six core principles

Topics at our Heart

Environment & Sustainablity

We want to rethink our habits and drive sustainable action through Software for Sustainability but also through our own impact as a company and as each and every individual. It's our responsibiliy.

For example:

  • we are CO2 neutral

  • we use jobbikes

  • we avoid business travel as far as possible

  • we support our Local Heroes

Learn & Grow Together

We want to get better every day. And that requires the right tools and the right mindset!

That's why we do together:

  • Innovation Days

  • Academy Days

  • UX Open Hour

  • Dev Open Hour

  • Soft skill workshops, such as communication.

Empowering people to reach their full potential is difficult. That's why we want to be the best place for technology enthusiasts to develop software that helps and empowers people. We want to create useful solutions to real and challenging problems. We want to create sustainable and innovative solutions, making complex use cases easily accessible.

We do everything we can to make sure our team does this job in the best possible way.

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